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Delivering on-point communications & research services with a focus on human rights issues in Asia
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Athena Communications & Research is a social impact consultancy helping organisations, non-profits, policymakers and businesses deliver on-point communication strategies that align with their values. 

We help organizations craft more nuanced, inclusive and sensitive policies and strategies for their internal and external communication efforts, on top of providing digital marketing and qualitative research services. 

Our Services

Consultancy Services

Our experienced consultants have years of experience working in the human rights sector, and can guide with the creation of more nuanced, inclusive and sensitive policies and strategies for internal and external communications. 

Editorial & PR Services

Our highly experienced wordsmiths and communicators possess decades of comms & PR experience across sectors such as tech, business, public & global health, human rights, and women’s rights, among others.  

Research Services

Looking to solve a problem? Athena has got you covered with qualitative research services such as surveys, questionnaires, focus group studies, and more.  

Why good business ethics matter to Athena Communications

If you look at great companies, business ethics often play a central role in their operations, be it in their corporate governance, model, products and solutions, and talent management. Businesses have a significant impact on society and individuals, and their actions...

Launch of SRH Investment for Human Capital in Malaysia

Athena Communications & Research is proud to present our booklet, SRH (sexual and reproductive health) Investment for Human Capital in Malaysia, at the Malaysia Women and Girls Forum 2022! This is an abridged version of the original research "Enhancing Human...

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